Briefing is part of the game.

Those of you who’ve been in business long enough know that building great presentations and pitching with style is something that is developed over time and, becomes a type of art form.

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"There’s a lot of buzz surrounding content marketing at the moment. It seems like a lot of the advice out there is all about maximizing quality and creating a ton of value."

Get it right!

Good briefs are easy to recognize, they produce great works and when you get initial feedback or, your agency comes in to present the work, everything is spot on.

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Chris Ducker is a top expert in "virtual business management".

Moving forward!

Look around or just Google: creative, advertising or marketing brief and you’ll see that not much as really changed in the way we formulate, package and write briefs.

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David Meerman Scott shares the importance of having a corporate blog in your marketing mix.


Briefs have been around for ages. Strategically, you could probably say that the most useful form of briefs and briefings started when mankind or Kingdoms and empires started using military force to maintain or conquer new lands.