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Our Methodology

  • Client interview to find out what is the problem they are trying to fix and why.
  • Understand the impacts of the problem on the organization and teams.
  • Interview the client’s team members who are impacted by the problem.
  • Analysis of the tools, processes and documents the client uses or used to help fix the problem.
  • Presentation of the current and future impacts of the problem within the client’s organization.
  • Present risk assessment based on the client’s current situation.
  • Present what is the positive impact will be once the problem is fixed within the company’s organization.
  • Present list of recommended improvements and changes to fix the client’s problem.
  • Work with the client on an implementation plan based on our recommendations.
  • Create a implementation schedule with the client.
  • Collaborate with the client’s team members to implement the recommended changes and improvements.
  • Continuous assessment of the project implementation to ensure it’s going in the right direction for the client.
  • Provide client training on the implemented project.
  • Weekly live check-ins to ensure the implemented project is still addressing the problem.
  • Provide email support to the client.
  • 3 month audit on how the implemented project improved the company’s performance.

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